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Methods of Rebooting Different Models of MacBook

Macbook repair

Macbook is considered to be having one of the most stable operating systems which experiences both lesser crashes and freezes. But still, it is also a machine after all. Things might not go well all the time. So, whenever you are facing this freezing issue, you can simply reboot your Mac Book to bring it back to its own condition.

The first question that comes into the mind is when there will come the possibility of rebooting your Mac Book! Here, I have listed some of the most usual problems when you have to reboot your device. Such as:

  • Broken communication problem over a network.
  • Blur screen, abnormal colors or fonts.
  • Continuously spinning beach ball not leaving the screen after quite a while.
  • Hanged up applications.
  • The external device cannot be seen or cannot be opened.

These are the most common troubles with your machine, when you will have no other option than rebooting it. And as rebooting has the potential to fix any and every issue, it works the best, most of the time.

Now, let’s move on to the most vital part of this article – the method of rebooting your device.

Mac Book Air and Retina Mac Book Pro

If you own a Macbook which has its power button on the keyboard, just like any of Mac laptops of modern times, then the first method goes for you:

  • Hold the Power Button down for about 5 seconds.
  • Your Mac Book will shut down.
  • Then after waiting for few more seconds, again hold the power button down to boot your device.

Older Models of Mac Book Pro and Mac Book

This is the case for the older models of Mac Book and Mac Book Pro. Here, only the Power Button is located in a different place – at the upper right corner of the open Mac. The method of rebooting this device is otherwise the same like the previous one.

Mac Mini or iMac

If you own a desktop Mac, you know where the power button is located – at the backside of the Mac Book. All you have to do for rebooting this type of device is to:

  • Hold down the Power Button at the backside of your device.
  • Wait until it turns off.
  • Then again press that button to restart the system.

Rebooting while being in the Middle of Some Work

Situations may come when you might have to reboot your machine while being in the mid of something important. It happens when an application of your Mac gets hanged up. So, here is the way to reboot the Mac in such situation:

  • Click on the Apple Menu and then select Force Quit.
  • Select the application which is causing you trouble and then click on the Force Quit button.
  • After this simply go on shutting down your device.

But if you are not sure about which application is causing the problem, then you can simply go on abiding by the above methods, which is suitable for your device.

Rebooting the Mac means you are taking the machine back to its factory settings. So, you should make sure that you have backed up all the important documents to a safe place; and just after the fixation of your Mac’s issue you can bring them back to your machine.

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