What Are The Advantages Of Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Myth: The breast implant warranty becomes void due to the TUBA procedure.

Truth: The warranty remains the same as it does for the traditional methods.

Myth: Performing a TUBA procedure requires going in blind.

Truth: A TUBA procedure uses an endoscope to visually confirm the tunnel and breast pocket in order to place the implant properly.

Myth: The only placement option available with the TUBA method is sub-glandular placement.

Truth: Either sub-glandular or sub-muscular placement is available with the TUBA procedure. Most of our patients have had sub-muscular implant placement.

Myth: Implants cannot be removed through an incision in the navel area.

Truth: Implants can be removed using the same incision, if needed.

Myth: The TUBA procedure results in abdominal pain from trauma and disruption to the abdominal muscles.

Truth: The TUBA procedure does not disrupt the abdominal muscles since the surgery is performed over the muscles. The procedure is less painful than more traditional procedures and has a more rapid recovery time.

Myth: The TUBA procedure cannot be performed if there is an umbilical hernia.

Truth: An umbilical hernia can be repaired during a TUBA procedure.

Myth: The TUBA procedure is not viable option if there have been other abdominal operations.

Truth: As an alternative entry point, old abdominal scars can be used.

Myth: Organs or lungs can be perforated or damaged during the TUBA procedure.

Truth: The procedure is performed through the fat underneath the skin, away from any organs.

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